Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cross Disciplines: Music Technology and Dance

Korg Kaossilator is a useful tool in teaching music technology to not only music concentrators but dance concentrators as well. Acquiring rights to modern day music can be expensive, especially for college students. With Korg Kaosillator, the dancer has the freedom to change beats, rhythms, and create funky synthesized sounds. Specifically in modern dance, music is often electronic or pedestrian, so the features on the Kaossilator are perfect for constructing music that is inherent to contemporary dance compositions.

Specifically, if modern dance choreographers were to take a cross-discipline course in dance and music technology, assigning a project where they would learn  how to recognize and experiment with tempo and meter would benefit them. Therefore, the objective of the lesson would be to create a techno music piece that incorporates tempos and meters. Just so the dancers would attain a better knowledge of music while taking the course, I would reference the Classical Age  in which the sonata cycle was applied and thus, apply it to the creation of the project.  The sonata cycle followed a four-movement structure, which employed the use of tempo in this general order: I. Allegro, II. Adagio, III. Allegretto, and IV. Presto. For the third movement, the choreographers would insert a triple meter because the third movement in the sonata cycle is a type of dance such as the Minuet, which is in triple meter. The outcome of the lesson would be a creation of a 2 minute music composition for modern dance using Classical music knowledge.