Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finale! Who Knew or Who Should Have Known?

           For years I have wanted to take a technology course but was never able due to class conflicts. Now the time has come, and I am enrolled in Introduction to Technological Applications in Music! Until recently, I have never heard of the musical software program called Finale, but Praise God! My eyes have been opened thanks to Dr. Stringham! Composing music has been a hidden passion of mine, and this beautiful device allows me to do just that. It may sound silly, but I arranged “Mary Had a Little Lamb” for my first Finale assignment. I can barely express my elation because I finally feel like I am learning material that is useful for me to teach to future students and most importantly, for creating Christian music, which is my favorite genre. :D

Ergo, my mind is buzzing with so many ideas I can put into practice. For example, if I were to teach a beginner music theory class, I would used Finale to encourage students to create music that helps them visually recognize the importance of beats and meters. Placing the snare drum staff in my composition allowed me to not only hear the beat but see it as well. This is ideal because the use of Finale would accommodate the tactile, visual, and auditory learning styles of music students. I also would like to use the software to create spontaneous worship (basically Christian, improvisational music) for the band at my church and possibly venture off to International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City Missouri to lead worship 24/7 there. I have noticed they use Macintosh’s GarageBand as a means to produce their music, which performs similar tasks with different outcomes. In short, it still encompasses composing. That sounds vague, but I wanted to mostly harp on Finale, so I will discuss GarageBand on a later date. In short, Finale is magic, and I look forward to creating more complex arrangements of music, possibly Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings soundtrack? 


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